Strikethrough Review

Strikethrough Review is a website I designed and built for freelance writer and editor, Kyle Braselton.

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I designed Strikethrough Review with a goal of reinforcing Kyle's academic background and writing experience via vintage illustrations and classic understated style. It's a one page site with an interesting CSS-based menu. The menu begins as a static menu on the page and as the user scrolls down the menu then becomes fixed at the top of the page.

The Home page.

The menu auto-scrolls to each section of site. Here you can see the Process section, complete with some subtle but nice CSS mouseover techniques for Process steps to add a bit of visual interest.

Strikethrough Review is built using Responsive Design, which means that when viewed using portable devices such as tablets and phones, the design responds to the size of the viewport and scales appropriately, sometimes shifting elements around to make more sense on smaller screens.