WebID (Web Instructional Development) is the department I work for at the University of Georgia. We design and build online courses, instructional materials, and multimedia. I felt the department needed a stronger web presence so I designed and built a new website in my spare time. This gave me a chance to stretch my design and coding skills as well as my copywriting chops.

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When designing this site, I made an effort to brand WebID as a professional department that cares deeply about user-centric design, with a technologically savvy team, focused on providing expertise and guidance in the fast-paced area of online education, and at the same time keeping an eye on having fun and enjoying the process.

The Home page.

I built an interactive info-graphic with CSS.

Custom CSS teaser blocks.

One of the Case Studies page layouts. I used custom Javascript to build a fixed sidebar menu. (Incidentally, the content is from an online course I designed and built - Philosphy 2400, Philosophy of Science and Nature)

Portfolio page. I put together a custom auto-scrolling fixed menu with scroll-spy for the Portfolio page that jumps to different categories of work samples.

Services page.

I made a group of custom icons for the Services page.

Process page.

I created custom animated CSS mouseover effects and icons for the different Process steps.

Hover effects and icons for the different Process steps.

Team page.

I made each WebID team member a CSS animated "flipcard" for their Bio photo. If you click on a team member's photo you'll see an additional photo of them and learn a bit more about them.

Contact page.